Friday, August 21, 2015

True Story: Eradicating Thunderstorm Phobia with Canine Calm

Pat Campbell is Guest Blogging this week.

Confessions of a burgeoning EO addict because it really does work. 


Calvin Not Very Happy Before Thunderstorm
As I reported to you at the beginning of the summer my dachshund Calvin has developed a real discomfort of thunderstorms. It was less of a fear and more related to the noise clearly agitating him. I used Canine Calm with a great deal of skepticism the first time but nothing else seemed to be calming him down. In Florida there are thunderstorms almost every afternoon. As I reported before, within ten minutes he was snoozing on the couch without a worry. And I thought…beginners luck.  Second time…same results but even faster.  I called Vicki and asked if it was possible I was using too much but she assured me that was not the case.

No More Upsetting Thunderstorms


Calvin sound asleep after Canine Calm
Well I have become a real believer. I would say that I’ve used the Canine Calm and Travel Calm at least a dozen times now and with the same results every single time. A whining wiener dog turns into a snoozer within ten minutes of putting canine calm on the tips of his ears.  Here is all I do now…I put about three sprays into my hand, rub it around just a bit then put a hand on either side of his ear and rub it in gently.  Then I do the other ear and then I put just a touch on either side of his nose.  I’ve actually been able to use less and less with each storm.  

This is how much of a believer I’ve become – I had to travel recently and the only instructions I left my husband with was how to use the Canine Calm on Calvin while I was away! It was the only thing I cared about.  
 Calvin Waking Up from his Canine Calm sleep

So I admit it. I'm becoming an EO addict myself. If I get a cut now I reach for an EO remedy (such as Guard Well) rather than the Neosporin. I read recently about using EO remedies for yeast infections which I’m plagued with in the humidity in Florida. It works and so much better than spending $25.00 each time for Monistat. 

A note of caution for those starting to use essential oils. Through my EO journey I have really learned that having the right concentrations of different EOs is critical for its effectiveness and SAFETY. And knowing how different EOs work together is also a skill. Its not about just throwing a bunch of oils into a bottle and using it. I completely trust Vicki to come up with the right formulas. She has 23 years of experience and is certified, and I've now seen her products work first hand. There is a real science to using these natural products so having the right advice that is trustworthy is super important.

For more about Pat's journey into aromatherapy, visit In Pursuit of Greytness.