Monday, December 21, 2015

Top holiday gifts for pet parents on Dog Only Knows!

Great news! Earth Heart was selected as one of the top holiday gifts for pet parents on Dog Only Knows!

Dog Only Knows features essential people training, straight from the dog's mouth. Voiced by Belle, a sweet and sassy rescue dog, it offers an escape into the world as viewed by our canine companions: living for the moment, loving unconditionally and playing with abandon.

In addition to sharing her unique wisdom, Belle also shares her favorite products and services that help enrich the lives of dogs and their people. And we are proud that Earth Heart is one of her top picks for the holiday season. 

Check out the full list here.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Thank You Tonya and Sarah For Your Dedication

This is the month we take the time to give thanks, and Earth Heart would like to thank a few of our customers who have dedicated themselves and their dogs to servicing others. Our Dog of the Blog for this week is Talented K9 Tonya, a Siberian Husky/Border Collie Mix who found her forever home with Sarah DeChamplain, a teenager in Gainesville, GA after being abandoned not once (covered in mats, fleas and heartworm positive) but twice (tied to a tree all day long by her second owner regardless of weather) before finding her way to her dog walker, Sarah.

It took some parental convincing by Sarah who promised she could take care of Tonya and teach her to behave. Tonya herself was a bit of a rogue since no one had taken the time to love and nurture her. But Sarah saw the potential and her parents were willing to give her a chance. And today Tonya, trained by her forever home owner Sarah, knows 200 tricks, has appeared on TV twice, enjoys agility, Frisbee and weight-pulling.

But most important Tonya has her own YouTube channel, she spreads the word about shelter dog adoption, she visits retirement homes where she puts smiles on the residents, goes to fundraisers and keeps Sarah sane in a family household with 9 kids and 3 cats.

Check out Tonya spreading the word about why you should adopt from a shelter, produced by Sarah:

So kudos to Sarah who has dedicated herself to Tonya, and Tonya who is one smart and lovable dog bringing joy and spreading the word for all those four-legged friends looking for forever homes, just like Tonya was before Sarah adopted her. And thanks to Sarah for being an Earth Heart customer.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Thank You Laura Hey from Health Heelers for your Dedication to Animal Assisted Therapy

Laura Hey with Mingo and Jasper
November is the month to give thanks, and this week we at Earth Heart want to give thanks to Health Heelers. We had the pleasure to talk to Laura Hey recently, a new customer of Earth Heart. One of our goals at Earth Heart is to spread the word about women in the industry who are helping others in some special way. Meet Laura Hey…former occupational therapist who in 2001 founded Health Heelers because of her deep belief that some animals have the innate ability to aid in human health and healing. And how true that has proven to be.

Laura is now one of a handful of certified Animal-Assisted Therapists in the country. Health Heelers is a full service therapy dog organization specializing in programs to:
  • Aid in human recovery after injury, illness or disability
  • Maximize learning and minimize barriers to education
  • Promote emotional wellness and personal growth
  • Enhance quality of life through safe and positive human-animal interactions
This is accomplished by creating unique and innovative activities, lessons, projects and events in which therapy dogs are active participants.

Health Heelers therapy dog teams (i.e. registered handlers and their therapy dogs) undergo very special and extensive training that maximizes their skills in order to provide the greatest possible therapeutic value and outcomes! There is a rigorous evaluation process since not all dogs are comfortable in all environments; temperament plays a key role in matching the right dog to the right situation. Photo to the right is of Max & Chris~ Max is a large (80 lb.), male golden-doodle with a sweet, calm nature, born Nov 1, 2007. Chris and Max have been a Health Heelers team since January 2011. They volunteer at a hospital, schools, colleges, and assisted living facilities.

Helping College Students before Mid-Term Exams
One of the things we learned in talking with Laura is the difference between Therapy dogs and Service dogs.

Therapy Dogs go out into the community to provide support, contact and comfort. They visit places like nursing homes, schools, and hospitals. There are no legal rights for these dogs and access is by invitation only. The key is that these animals are exceedingly social. There are many other animals that play the “therapy” role including birds, bunnies, miniature horses, guinea pigs, and llamas. These animals have to be naturally social to play this role.

Service Dogs are specifically trained to do tasks for a person with a disability – seeing eye dogs, dogs that turn on light switches, bring medicines and food, provide assistance upstairs, help with panic attacks. And legally service dogs are allowed in all public places including transportation. They perform tasks on queue reliably with the proper training. There are some dogs even trained to see a change in mental state and are able to break the emotional state. Service dogs tend to be naturally goal oriented with a high degree of focus.

So this month we are thankful for Laura and her dedication to animal assisted therapy. She and her program have been life-changing to so many people and for that she deserves this week’s Earth Heart Shout Out!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Earth Heart named a “Compassion and Care” sponsor by the International Judges Association.

Rescue Me Rodeo Competitions sponsored by The International Judges Association (IJA) are designed with the highest standards of safety and compassion in the competition arena for rescue dogs who have not been exposed to the extensive grooming that is typically involved in pure breed and creative competitions. The goal is to help rescue dogs relax and enjoy getting pampered and create a positive grooming experience as well as to help them find permanent homes.

Compassion and Care - For the Love of the Dogs

Earth Heart is one of the IJA's “Compassion and Care” sponsors and a member of the IJA "Exceptional Eight" sponsors that donate products and prizes to Rescue Me Rodeo dog grooming competitors throughout the USA.

Denika Cluett, IJA Event Planner and Contest Coordinator, wanted to create something very different from pure breed and creative styling competitions. “IJA has set standards that make the competition arena for Rescue Me Rodeo Competitions a very safe place and enjoyable experience for the rescue dogs participating in the event. We are thrilled that Earth Heart has donated Canine Calm for every US competition since 2013. From the beginning of the event to the final awards ceremonies, the groomers use Canine Calm to help the dogs stay calm in what can be a very unusual and stressful environment.”

Rescue Groups and Adopting Families - True Heroes

IJA president Vivian Nash recognizes that the rescue groups are true heroes who dedicate their time and attention to these animals every day. “The goal of the Rescue Me Rodeo is that all of the dogs find homes. It has been truly inspiring to watch the audience admire the dogs on the runway and submit applications for adoption.”

There are two remaining competitions in 2015. The first is in Pittsburgh from October 23-25, and the second in Indianapolis on November 14-15.  Visit for more information about IJA Rescue Me Rodeo competitions.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star...

There is more than one way to help a puppy fall asleep. Check out this video.

Lots of dogs, just like humans, have trouble sleeping at night and the remedies for dogs aren't so dissimilar from those for humans:

1) Exercise them! A few hours before bedtime giving your dog lots of exercise or taking a long walk together can be really helpful. But just like with people, exercising right before bedtime can be stimulating. Don't get suckered into playing after the last time out at night.

2) Feed them! Just like you don't like to go to bed hungry, neither do puppies. Be sure they aren't going to bed on an empty stomach. Are you feeding them too early or not enough? See if going to bed with a little something in the tummy makes a difference.

3) Bathe them! Fleas, fleabites and itchy skin conditions can keep your pet wake at night. This is not uncommon. Talk to your veterinarian about something to help your dog’s itchy skin condition. Our own Guard Well has been chosen by many pet owners to soothe itchy skin conditions. Check out these testimonials.

4) Massage them! A good massage will relax most dogs just like us humans. Spray some Canine Calm on your hands and massage into your puppy's head, ears and belly. Aches and pains will keep a senior dog awake. Talk to your vet about buffered aspirin or joint supplements.

And just like humans, aromatherapy can calm a restless dog. Try a diffuser with lavender, ylang ylang, clary sage or Canine Calm essential oil blend. Not only will it help your pup get to sleep but it will help you have sweet dream, too!

Icons made by Freepik from is licensed by CC BY 3.0

Thursday, September 10, 2015

How one dog trainer uses essential oils to help make training a happier experience.

Cheryl Flemming, owner of For the Love of Dogs Training, LLC, is a certified dog trainer in the Portland, Oregon area, specializing in clicker training.

Her philosophy centers around building trust through positive training and reinforcement. She is an avid user of essential oils. We recently had the pleasure of interviewing Cheryl to learn about how she uses Earth Heart products.

Earth Heart – Under what circumstances do you use a natural calming product in your dog training? 

Cheryl – Many people come to me because their dogs are overly reactive to their environment, sometimes to other people and often to other dogs. I use clicker training as a way of building a bond between owner and their dog and success often hinges on having both focused. I encourage the use of a product like Canine Calm for these dogs and the owners too. By helping to calm a reactive dog it very much helps him/her to focus on the training tasks in a very natural way.

I will also spray myself with Canine Calm particularly when I’m meeting a new dog that I don’t know, or a dog that I’ve worked with that is particularly reactive. It really helps set a positive tone from the very start of a session.

In my training classes we often have a room full of barkers to start. Again, by using Canine Calm it helps everyone naturally settle so the dogs can focus on the training. Our first sessions are often done behind a barrier and I’ll spray the barriers as well with the Canine Calm to provide a natural soothing environment.

Earth Heart – I understand you have several of your own four-legged friends. Do you use natural products with them?

Cheryl – For sure. One of my dogs is afraid of thunder. I’ll spray Canine Calm on her pressure wrap and underneath her ears. It works every time. I have a client who also uses the product when his dog goes to the vet. Vinny is very afraid of his vet appointments so he gets Canine Calm on his pressure wrap and the vet also uses it and the vet assistants on themselves to help calm Vinny and give him a positive atmosphere.

Two of my dogs have problems traveling. I use Travel Calm anytime we have to go for a ride. I’ll use it before we get in the car. Sometimes I will spray Travel Calm so it “floats” in the car – it calms me down too!

I strongly encourage my clients with reactive dogs to use it on themselves and their dogs. Often we don’t realize how tense we humans are and that tension goes directly through to the dog.

Earth Heart - Do you use any of our other essential oil products?

Cheryl – I have a King Charles Spaniel and she is very low to the ground. In Oregon it is very wet so she gets rashes on her belly. Guard Well works wonders to clear it up. I love the Buzz Guard for myself, particularly when we visit the Coast where it can be pretty buggy.

When I pet sit dogs at home I will use a diffuser with the Earth Heart blends. I’ve also used just lavender but I find the scent to be a little strong for my liking.

Diffusers are great for vet offices and groomers to create a “spa” like environment for dogs. I’ve seen so many dogs have anxiety in both these situations so using the relaxing benefits of essential oils is so valuable in these normally stressful situations.

Earth Heart – Be totally honest, have you had any bad reactions from using these products?

Cheryl - I have never had a dog that has had a bad reaction but I know it can happen. If essential oils are not used in the right concentration they can create a problem. It’s why I use Earth Heart products. I know they have been well tested over many years and with over 20 years of experience Vicki knows her essential oils. This is so important.

I hate using chemicals on any animal if there is an alternative. I explain to all my clients that these products are truly natural and not chemical-based.

Earth Heart - Do you think people are skeptical about using essential oils?

Cheryl – People in Oregon are really open minded to all natural products. I tell people who have any concerns to try it on themselves first and that almost always alleviates any concerns or skepticism. The products all smell really good and I think that really helps people see the difference with chemically-based products. I was a skeptic myself but I have seen such amazing results with these products that I’ve become a true believer. My clients have really truly benefited and most important our pets are happier and less stressed and healthier.

Cheryl, thank you so much for taking the time to speak with us today! You can contact Cheryl Flemming with any questions about these products or any of her training philosophies at 503-318-8548 or email her at