Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Thank You Tonya and Sarah For Your Dedication

This is the month we take the time to give thanks, and Earth Heart would like to thank a few of our customers who have dedicated themselves and their dogs to servicing others. Our Dog of the Blog for this week is Talented K9 Tonya, a Siberian Husky/Border Collie Mix who found her forever home with Sarah DeChamplain, a teenager in Gainesville, GA after being abandoned not once (covered in mats, fleas and heartworm positive) but twice (tied to a tree all day long by her second owner regardless of weather) before finding her way to her dog walker, Sarah.

It took some parental convincing by Sarah who promised she could take care of Tonya and teach her to behave. Tonya herself was a bit of a rogue since no one had taken the time to love and nurture her. But Sarah saw the potential and her parents were willing to give her a chance. And today Tonya, trained by her forever home owner Sarah, knows 200 tricks, has appeared on TV twice, enjoys agility, Frisbee and weight-pulling.

But most important Tonya has her own YouTube channel, she spreads the word about shelter dog adoption, she visits retirement homes where she puts smiles on the residents, goes to fundraisers and keeps Sarah sane in a family household with 9 kids and 3 cats.

Check out Tonya spreading the word about why you should adopt from a shelter, produced by Sarah:


So kudos to Sarah who has dedicated herself to Tonya, and Tonya who is one smart and lovable dog bringing joy and spreading the word for all those four-legged friends looking for forever homes, just like Tonya was before Sarah adopted her. And thanks to Sarah for being an Earth Heart customer.