Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Create a calm zone for your dog with Earth Heart's new Canine Calm essential oil concentrate.

The Fourth of July is nearly upon us! What should be a fun family holiday weekend can be a very stressful time for dogs and dog loving families.

Many dogs have a great fear of the sudden loud noises that come with fireworks and sudden oncoming thunderstorms. In addition, during the Fourth of July weekend, animal shelters all over the country see a significant increase in lost dogs, as dogs try to flee the loud noises they encounter.  

With Earth Heart’s newly launched essential oil concentrate of their popular Canine Calm product, dog loving families and shelters can create a ‘calm zone’ to help ease dog’s fears. The 15 ml Canine Calm concentrate is perfect for adding to room and whole house diffusers that allows the calming aroma to permeate throughout the home and shelter.
Canine Calm natural remedy mist can help soothe dogs during thunderstorms, fireworks, parties, training, competitions, adoptions, Halloween and other holidays, bath time, grooming, and clinic or kennel visits. Canine Calm contains pure essential oils, including bergamot, lavender and geranium, from plants traditionally used in remedies for relaxation. Added to a diffuser, Canine Calm is a family friendly product and safe for children and puppies as young as eight weeks old.

Canine Calm also comes in a 2 oz spray that is made in the USA and packaged in a BPA free recyclable spray bottle. The ready to use spray is easy to use, and won’t stain or leave a sticky residue on materials or fur. Simply spray on fingertips to massage a dog’s outer ears or abdomen, lightly mist the dog’s favorite blanket or bedding, inside a crate or your home.

What Earth Heart’s customers are saying…

“We ran out of tranquilizers for our dogs last July 4th, and they were flipping out during the fireworks,” shared Traci Noonan Reuter, Elgin, Illinois. “Fortunately I had a bottle of Canine Calm, and it was amazing how well it calmed the dogs. No more tranquilizers for my dogs!”

Heather Lenz of Ontario, Canada, has been a long-time user of Canine Calm, as her white collie, Sinjun, has frequent noise issues. “During fireworks and thunderstorms he paces, pants and drools constantly,” shared Lenz. “I tried many different things to calm him, but nothing worked until Canine Calm.”

You can find Canine Calm at a store near you or order online today!