Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Relax jittery and senior dogs during disturbances such as storms.

Some dogs suffer from storm phobia all their lives. For others, it becomes a problem of aging.

"My dachshund, Calvin, developed a discomfort of thunderstorms as he got older. It’s less a fear and more the noise that agitates him,” shared Pat Campbell of New Smyrna, Florida. “Because there are thunderstorms almost every afternoon in Florida, this was a growing problem.”

Nothing worked until Pat tried Earth Heart’s Canine Calm last year. Because Calvin slept through the storm, Pat continued using Canine Calm, with the same result each time. “I put two or three sprays of Canine Calm onto my hands, and rub them together just a bit. Then I put my hands on either side of his ear flaps and rub it in gently. Calvin has gone from shaking and whining during storms to falling asleep within 10 minutes after using Canine Calm.” Pat has found that she uses less of the product with each storm.

Dog lovers across the country have found their dogs whimpering, cowering, drooling, barking and shaking uncontrollably at the first sign of storms.

Canine Calm helps dogs weather thunderstorms!

Earth Heart’s Canine Calm has been specially formulated using pure essential oils, including lavender and bergamot, to relax jittery and senior dogs during disturbances such as storms. The water-based mist is formulated to be used as often as needed and won’t leave stains or sticky residues.

"If she could, my German shepherd, Lucia, would crawl under my skin during a thunderstorm,” shared Leslie Munroe of Massachusetts. “When I use Canine Calm, she just turns around and curls up on the floor.”