Monday, August 31, 2015

Buzz Guard Works Wonders for Horses to Repel Flies around the Eyes

Part II: Guest Blogger Pat Campbell, Writing from New Smyrna Beach, Florida

Last time I wrote about the amazing wonders of Canine Calm for thunderstorms. Florida is a hotbed of storms all summer long. And speaking of Florida, the flies are horrible this time of year!! I put a fly mask on my horse Play Me Coltrane (Cole) but I hate leaving it on at night. He is happier without the mask but if I leave it off his eyes get super weepy, which then leads to Cole scratching his face, which has led to some bad cuts..  I’m now using Buzz Guard (in a balm base) around his eyes and it has really made a big difference. And Cole loves when I put it on (see video below). Regular bug sprays work but I really don’t like putting anything like that near his eyes or his nose because inhaling the chemicals simply can’t be good. And the directions on any of the horse bug sprays highly caution you not to get it in their eyes so you know it has to be bad.

I love the smell of Buzz Guard. And Buzz Guard is definitely helping to keep the flies at bay. Cole is scratching his face less so it must be having a soothing effect.  If only horses could talk. If flies are an issue where you live I highly recommend Buzz Guard for your horse. The balm has all kinds of great things in it like shea butter, olive oil, avocado oil, neem seed oil and the same Buzz Guard essential oil blend that's used in the spray.  I love the balm...makes it so easy to apply and Cole loves the massage and it works.  Watch this one minute video to see how easy it is to use.

No More Grumpy Horses
I’ve asked Vicki to help put some concentrates together that I can use for a slew of horse conditions. One of the horses at the barn has scratches so Vicki is working on a special formula for me.  Since scratches is about bacteria and fungus essential oils are a natural for helping to take care of the problem.  Our horses are out in the fields most of the time. So we are going using a balm made up of oils which will create a protective barrier from the wet. I'll report back on our progress. 

The horses get pretty grumpy in Florida in the summer…I’m hoping that these EO remedies will result in no more grumpy horses!!

For more information about Buzz Guard Balm, contact Earth Heart at or call 847-551-1806.