Wednesday, July 15, 2015

At 86 degrees outside temperature, asphalt is 135 degrees - hot enough to fry an egg and your pet's paws!


Outdoor Temperatures are No Indication of Surface Temperatures

Asphalt, concrete, wood decks and metal can easily burn your dog's paws at temperatures that seem totally fine outside. Don't be fooled!! An egg will fry at 131 degrees and severe skin damage happens at 140 degrees to vulnerable areas in only 5 seconds.

We all know what it's like to walk on hot sand in bare feet and how quickly we run to find a cool safe place for our scorching feet. A dog's paws are not any thicker than our feet so what's hot to us is hot to them, and for puppies with tender paws it's far more dangerous.  So imagine what it's like when you bringing your dog along to an outdoor event in the summer and he can't go running for the nearest cool spot at the end of his leash. Dogs who refuse to walk at an event are not necessarily being stubborn - scorching paws is more likely the culprit.

Summer Safety Tips - Use the 5 Second Rule:
  • Place the back of your hand against the pavement and hold it there for 5-7 seconds. If it's uncomfortable to you then it's too hot for your dog to walk on.
  • You really aren't doing your dog a favor taking him out in the middle of the day to events or for a long walk. Leave them at home in the air conditioning when you can.
  • It takes hours for pavement to cool off after the temperature goes down. Asphalt soaks up heat all day long and only cools down at a certain rate after the sun retreats. The very best time to go out for a walk is in the morning. What's safe at 9 am is likely not safe at 2 pm or even 6 pm.
  • The air temperature is not a reflection of the ground temperature at all! See the above information from the Journal of the American Medical Association.
  • If you have to walk your dog or go to an event, find cool grass or walk along the water's edge or consider booties or paw pads.
  • Most important check your dogs paws daily for any damage, soreness and cracking. 

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