Sunday, December 23, 2012

Tips for a Safe, Healthy Holiday

Maintain your routine: Keep things as normal as possible, especially with walking, grooming and feeding.

Make time for play: Your pets need to connect with you, and everybody needs to burn off some energy and have some fun.

Create a separate place for daily necessities: Keep food, water, and (for cats) a litter box in a separate room from your house guests. Consider using a crate with favorite toys, blankets and healthy treats.

Use calming natural remedies: Soft music, flower essences, and our Canine Calm natural mist can help keep animals (and their human family) calm while house guests are in town.

When traveling: Find out whether your dog travels better with an empty or full tummy. Bring familiar items, such as blankets (that smell like you or another favorite scent), bandanas, toys, food, treats and water from home to help your dog feel secure. Use a safety harness, car seat or crate for safety. Check on hotel or community services, such as dog parks and kennel services. Bring proof of vaccination, age and good health. Get a sturdy leash and collar for identification tags.

During cold winter weather, frostbite and hypothermia are real dangers, and puppies are especially vulnerable. When weather dips below freezing, it’s important to limit time outdoors or in a parked car – maybe 10 minutes. You may want to keep puppies indoors and use paper training during really frigid weather. If your dogs are sensitive to cold because of age, illness or breed type, take them outdoors with just enough time to relief themselves.

Keep long hair trimmed on paws to avoid ice balls from forming between the toes. Be extremely careful around bodies of water – they really might not be frozen.  Eating snow isn’t a substitute for drinking water. Keep your dog on leash during a snowstorm – they can lose their sense of smell and get lost.

Remember that antifreeze smells and tastes really good to dogs, but is highly poisonous and can be lethal to your dog if ingested.

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