Friday, November 23, 2012

Earth Heart extends free shipping offer in honor of its profile in Top Women in the Pet Industry Holiday Biz Book.

In honor of being profiled in the Top Women in the Pet Industry Holiday Biz Book, Earth Heart is extending its free shipping offer (code: WIPINBIZ) through November 30th.

Earth Heart products can help you and your pets stay calm and healthy during the holiday season…and are great stocking stuffers, grab bag gifts for the office, or gifts for holiday hosts. Choose Canine Calm to help keep everyone relaxed, Travel Calm to help your holiday travel go smoothly, Guard Well for relief from itchy dry skin or sunburn, and if you are traveling to southern states, be sure to pack Buzz Guard to improve comfort during outdoor activities.
In addition, 5% of your online purchase is donated to help the efforts of Seer Farms as they continue to extend emergency care to animals of families affected by Hurricane Sandy.